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Savannah: The Old And The New

6 December 2009

Savannah, GA

The genre of these photographs is documentary. My interpretation is a somewhat Marxist view in that Savannah is known for its Victorian Charm and wonderful old turn of the century architecture despite the fact much of it is in decay. If developers would have been allowed to come in and build what they wanted , the city would look a lot different.

The intention of the photographs I chose is to convey succinctly the plethora of abandoned structures in downtown Savannah. They exhibit the lack of care , monumental decline, and the emergence of nature that begins to take over the structures.

It became popular in the recent past to purchase these decaying structures for a reasonable cost, but the cost to gut and  renovate them after following regulatory criteria proved too high an expense both monetarily and time wise. Often these decaying structures are rented out by the owners to compensate their loss.